Out on March 18th

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Photophobia Immersion Premiere

Hardly anyone suits the opening of the 5th edition of Queer B-Cademy WORLD OF WISDOM better than the singer and multimedia artist Sanni Est and the release of her second studio album PHOTOPHOBIA in form of a monumental guided video-and-VR exhibition. 
The Berlin based Brazilian artist addresses in her work her situation in the world as a trans*woman of color living in the diaspora and exposes with a lot of personal dedication and

precisionthe European definition of knowledge coined by the era of enlightenment, as violent and simply insufficient.

Photophobia - the fear of light - tells the story of Sanni Est’s exhaustion in the white patriarchal system, of the retreat to the salutary darkness and of her transformative comeback. It was the journey through the shadowlands, the constraints of adapting and personal loss that made her finally feel her true power.  

A visionary, confident Sanni Est performs, with an impressive new vocal range, the uncompromised complexity of her truth. The multi-layered sound of her music reflects the entangled paths to get there. And she celebrates vigorously, in the illustrious company of her many collaborating artists, the community that supported her on that journey.   

In the run-up to the album release, the artist is preparing a number of publications in the form of articles, podcasts, interviews and art performances, each of which will refer to a song, a chapter of PHOTOPHOBIA.

Sanni named the entire oeuvre a "Puzzle of Publications" (P.o.P.), where each publication is attributed a number that will correspond to a song on the album.

Once the album is released, the entire P.o.P. will already be published,